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Confidently outperform your competitors and drive repeat sales through a system of effective SMS messaging across your customer base. The Big Lab team will develop and implement an expert SMS marketing strategy for your business.


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Expert SMS marketing for solving business tasks in the UAE

We solve current business tasks through an expert SMS marketing strategy for your existing customer base. We increase the “return” from loyal customers: we drive repeat sales and increase the average bill. 

We increase the audience loyalty: we customize SMS messaging in such a way that they help and support client activity without the risk of spam and customer dissatisfaction.

Iurii Nemtcev
Founder and CEO of Big Lab, SEO expert
Юрий Немцев, генеральный директор Big Lab

We scale your business by establishing communication with every client

Small business

We increase business profits by building effective outreach to your customer base. We set up personalized newsletters that attract the attention of every audience segment, encourage repeat purchases and help differentiate you from your competitors.

Growing business

We provide rapid scaling by supplementing the marketing strategy with an effective advertising tool. We help you achieve your KPI’s by establishing a steady flow of requests from past customers. We optimize SMS promotion and ensure a return on investment in this advertising channel.

Large business

We turn you into the market leader and leave competitors behind by building strong client relationships, ensuring their continued interest in your company’s products. We effectively embed this advertising tool in the overall marketing strategy and ensure its synergy with other advertising channels.


Small business

On demand

Middle business

On demand

Large business

On demand

Primary analytics
Strategy development
Segmentation of the target audience
Development of interaction scenarios
Setting up SMS messaging
Performance tracking
Optimization of campaigns
Recommendations and report

We are trusted by major brands

We ensure an influx of repeat orders by connecting an effective SMS promotion

Defining business objectives

Together with the client we define key tasks and target KPI’s for SMS marketing. We evaluate the volume of the client base in the CRM and predict the possible results of SMS messaging.

Analyzing and segmenting your target audience

We analyze the audience and divide it into groups according to similar characteristics. We reveal the problems, requests and interests of each group and determine the optimum formats of interaction.

Defining messages types and frequency of sending

We form an SMS marketing strategy and define the types of messages to be used: informative, welcoming, advertising, service and others which are necessary to achieve business objectives.

Optimization of landing pages and ads

If the sales funnel implemented via messages implies that the user goes to the landing page, we optimize these pages. During advertising we also optimize its settings to achieve the set KPI’s.

Efficiency analysis

We monitor the KPI’s of the advertising. We analyze return on investment based on target metrics. We make adjustments to the strategy to scale results and increase the profitability of advertising.

Monthly reporting

We regularly provide transparent and clear reporting in a format convenient for the customer: the business owner, marketing director, Internet marketer. We agree on the format and frequency of reports and strictly follow it.


Our team

A team of professionals with fundamental expertise and hands-on experience in this digital marketing industry works on every project.

Iurii Nemtcev Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev
Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Karina Nemtseva Co-founder, SMM specialist
Karina Nemtseva
Co-founder, SMM specialist
Tatiana Torskaya SEO specialist, content marketer
Tatiana Torskaya
Content marketer, SEO specialist
Julia Shorova Marketing Manager
Julia Shorova
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Solovev Web designer, Content manager
Mikhail Solovev
Web designer, Content manager

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