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Development, filling with content and SEO of the LaLaDent dental clinic’s website - Big Lab Case

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Our team has developed and launched from scratch the website of LaLaDent dental clinic in Moscow.

We have also filled it with expert content and performed SEO works.


We have created a website from scratch


We have filled more than 500 pages with expert content


We have boosted the traffic from 0 to 43 000 visits per month

Case overview

The website has been developed for the LaLaDent dental clinic in Moscow. The customer had set the following tasks:

Create a website
Fill it with high-quality content
Drive traffic from search engines for initial sales via the website
The total number of visits in September 2022 was 43,600 (according to data from SimilarWeb)

The dentistry sphere is highly competitive in Moscow. There are big players here — well-known dental clinics with well-established reputation, constant client base and “old” websites.  

The main problem was that we had to bring a new brand to the market. The customer did not have a website at the time when the works began. Within six months we created a website with a modern design from scratch and within a year we increased traffic up to 43,000 visits per month thanks to basic SEO optimization. 

Project tasks

Website development

The design and functionality of the website have been developed. The design was created as light, modern, stylish and even glossy. Large and always positive photos and bright banners are used in the design. The website functionality includes everything a patient needs to make an appointment with the dentist: from choosing a doctor and a date of the visit to making an online request. 

Content creation

A strategy of filling the website with expert content was chosen for the medical website. Dentists were involved in order to prepare the landing pages of services and informational articles. Each text on the website is written by a doctor. Special cards indicating specialization, level of qualification and personal achievements were prepared for each doctor.

Increasing the traffic

Works on basic SEO began in June 2021. The traffic was increasing gradually. It stood still for the first three months and then it began to grow gradually. 

The period referred to as the “sandbox” was overome within 5 months when traffic began to reach 1,000 visits per day. The website began to grow again in September 2022 after a period of slight fluctuations and a “plateau”. This growth continues today, even though the SEO and content marketing work was completed in March 2022.

Traffic to the website continues to grow today
Traffic to the website continues to grow today

Problems and solutions

Selection of authors

Medical websites fall into the YMYL category. Search engines rank highly only those YMYL websites that are recognised as reliable in their field and the people who create content for them are expert and reputable authors.  

We could not confirm the reliability of the brand as the brand was new on the market, so we emphasized expert authors and collaborated only with doctors while creating the content. 

All texts on the website are written by dentists
All texts on the website are written by dentists

Selecting authors was not easy. We reviewed responses from dozens of dentists who wanted to collaborate with us as authors but the quality of many texts was insufficient. As a result of selection out of more than 80 authors, we have built an ongoing collaboration with five doctors.  

We worked with them in order to raise their level as content writers. We have improved their skills in presenting information, structuring and design. Thanks to this, the texts on the website effectively perform their tasks: they sell in the catalog of services; they inform in detail in the “Encyclopedia”.

Visualization of the queries

There are often queries that contain the word “photo” among search queries that relate to dental procedures. For example, “Implant before and after photo” or “Dental cyst photo”. This means that the user wants this information in a form of a photo — i.e. in a visualized form. 

However, for many users the presence of such photos on the website may be shocking and unacceptable. Therefore, we decided not to place such photos on the main pages of the website (service pages and articles). We placed them in cases — special cards presenting the work performed by dentists. Thanks to this, unpleasant photos are available only to those visitors who are specifically looking for them. 

There are no shocking photos on the main pages of the website
There are no shocking photos on the main pages of the website

Traffic fluctuations

The number of informational queries far exceeds the number of commercial ones in dentistry as in most other topics and the amount of informational traffic tends to be higher than commercial traffic. 

In order to redirect informational traffic (even a small portion) in the commercial we have decided to place the price lists for the relevant services of the clinic in the information section. For example, we placed price lists with such services as “Initial examination”, “Treatment of tooth cysts”, “Removal of tooth cysts” in the “Tooth cysts” article.  

The traffic was steadily growing even with a small number of price lists placed within the articles. But traffic to the information section decreased after the number of price lists in the articles was increased (as an experiment). The fluctuations were leveled out after decreasing the number of price lists in the articles. The traffic was restored within a couple of months. 


The work on the project lasted for 1.5 years in total. During this time we achieved the following results:

The website was built from scratch
Its main features are: a memorable and stylish design, convenient functionality for clients and clinic administrators.
Content marketing has been carried out
The catalog of clinic’s services has been filled out. The “Encyclopedia” informational section has been filled. Texts are prepared by dentists. More than 500 expert texts were written for commercial and informational purposes.
SEO works have been performed
The catalog of clinic’s services has been extended according to search demand. Thousands of queries for all dental services were collected and clustered. Commercial and informational pages of the website have been optimized. Conditions for the growth of traffic to the website were created - from zero to 43 thousand visits per month.

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