Targeted ads

Delegate the setup of targeted ads and meet business objectives with clear KPIs with the help of Big Lab experts. Promote your product on social networks, RTB and the Google contextual media network by focusing on the most valuable segments of the target audience - get hot leads with minimal advertising costs.


million +

Monthly traffic of promoted websites



Ad campaigns were finished and launched



Of SEO and Internet marketing experience



Representative offices in the UAE, USA, Russia

Setting up and running the targeted ads with your KPIs

«The Big Lab experts’ strategy for launching targeted ads involves in-depth analysis and multi-step testing of the market, creatives and platforms. This completely eliminates budget drains and guarantees maximum return on investment. 

Set the desired KPIs to our experts and get the required result without risk. Big Lab will increase your audience reach and lead to more leads, creating a trusted image of your company.»

Iurii Nemtcev
Founder and CEO of Big Lab, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev, CEO of Big Lab

We conform to peculiarities of your business for maximum effectiveness in every campaign

Small business

Expand your brand’s reach and attract purely targeted traffic from social networks and the Google contextual media network.

Growing business

Increase sales and digital market share with professional ad customization performed by Big Lab experts.

Large business

Optimize and reduce the cost of advertising campaigns with systematic growth of traffic, leads and sales.

Global business

Grow your brand across the UAE, Middle East and the world and get consistent traffic with targeted advertising.


Small business

Advertising on FB, Instagram or other social networks with the target audience of your business

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Growing business

Advertising in social networks, RTB platforms and Google ad platforms

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Large business

Advertising in social networks, RTB platforms and Google ad platforms

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Global business

Advertising in social networks, RTB platforms and Google ad platforms

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Analysis and segmentation of the target audience
Strategy development
Advertising campaign development
Development of creatives (5 test creative images or posts for each advertising campaign for the target audience segments)
Development of creatives (5 test creative images, videos, posts, animated banners for each advertising campaign for the target audience segments)
Preparation of landing pages
Test run
Analytics and initial optimization
Launch of advertising campaign
Analytics and optimization

We take full responsibility for campaign management

We handle all tasks of setting up and running ads, from market and audience analysis to bid adjustment and platforms testing.

We fully meet the KPI

We spend the advertising budget in the most effective way and constantly optimize campaigns for fulfillment of all business tasks in view.

We estimate advertising via honest metrics

We use only transparent metrics to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign: the conversion rate (CR), clickability of the ad (CTR), the price of click, lead or action (CPC, CPL or CPA).

We use an understandable language in communication with clients

We prepare reports with clear infographics for the marketer, development director and company owner.

We are trusted by major brands

Professional advertising tuning for clearly defined audience segments

Target audience analysis

We build a portrait of the brand’s target audience and segment the users for absolute personalization of advertisements.

Strategy development

We perform the analysis of the business and the market, after which we create an advertising strategy for full implementation of objectives and KPI.

Advertising campaign development

We form a selection of the most effective advertising platforms: КМС Google, RTB, social networks, mobile targeting or content-targeted ads.

Choosing a format

We determine suitable ad formats that catch the target audience in the best way.

Development of creatives

We create up to 5 ads creatives per each campaign to test the impact and accuracy of your ads

Preparation of landing pages

We optimize the website and prepare it for the paid traffic; this way we prevent the loss of leads

Test launch

We select objectives, KPI and a model for ad testing. We analyze and optimize obtained results

Launch of advertising campaign

We scale the most effective campaigns after testing and get traffic

Monitoring and optimization

We adjust bids, targeting settings and platforms for attraction of the maximum amount of target traffic from the allocated budget

We give our all for every client

3 countries

Close-knit team of experts from UAE, USA, Russia

Always open to communication

Big Lab office is located in Dubai which means all questions can be discussed at a personal meeting.

300 +

Successful advertising campaigns

We take a full legal responsibility

Our company has a valid license in the UAE and all our agreements are fixed in the contract - we are responsible for KPIs, terms and project budget.

38 million +

Monthly traffic of the promoted websites

We save the advertising budget as much as possible

We carry out all the necessary cycles of testing and optimization of creatives, platforms and campaigns to maximize the benefits for Big Lab clients.

since 2009

Expertise in SEO, PPC and Performance marketing

We justify our expertise and qualifications

Big Lab is a close-knit team of international experts with more than 13 years of experience in advertising and marketing.


Big Lab allocates a full team of experts and a personal manager for the client — this is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the project and control all stages of work. In this regard, the number of projects in the team’s working process is limited, we are focused solely on the quality of services as evidenced by the numerous reviews from our clients.

Our team

Iurii Nemtcev Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev
Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Karina Nemtseva Co-founder, SMM specialist
Karina Nemtseva
Co-founder, SMM specialist
Tatiana Torskaya SEO specialist, content marketer
Tatiana Torskaya
Content marketer, SEO specialist
Julia Shorova Marketing Manager
Julia Shorova
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Solovev Web designer, Content manager
Mikhail Solovev
Web designer, Content manager

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