UI/UX website analysis

We will increase the website’s and advertising’s conversion rates by conducting a UX audit and finding out what weak points of your website are preventing it from selling.


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Big Lab’s team of experienced digital marketers has been helping businesses to scale with effective website promotion and optimization since 2009. Having high expertise in the field, we have created an exclusive service that helps answering all of our clients’ questions about their website’s effectiveness

Why the website does not sell
What prevents it from rising to high positions in SERPs
Why advertising does not work
Why users do not stay on the website
What has to be changed in the design to make it perform the business tasks

We will establish a flow of sales from the website based on data analytics and UI/UX audit

We analyze the website and identify the causes of low conversion.

We evaluate the quality of landing pages, the effectiveness of the sales funnel and the ease of the website navigation.

We give clear and specific recommendations on how to improve the website which will allow you to increase the conversion rate and turn advertising traffic into real customers.

We help to achieve the set KPIs of the business without increasing the advertising budget due to the expert UI/UX audit of the website and the development of proposals on its optimization.


UI/UX website analysis

from 6000 AED
  • analysis of heatmaps of page scrolling and clicks
  • analysis of reports from analytics systems showing the user’s path through the website, the funnel of order placement and other indicators
  • analysis of competitors’ websites - for comparison and search for successful solutions
  • tests of page loading speed
  • evaluation of design quality and branding
  • navigation correctness
  • quality and perception of content
  • implementation of the order placement process
  • test of the website’s technical elements correctness
  • report with recommendations

We are trusted by major brands

We will increase website’s conversion without using the advertising budgets

Defining analytics goals and the current conversion rate

Together with the client we define the key goals for the website audit and analysis of its conversion possibilities. We evaluate the current conversion rates and forecast opportunities to increase them.

Analysis of heatmaps, scrolling, pages and clicks

We analyze users’ actions on the website in order to determine which elements should be made clickable, where to place an ad banner, and where to add a call to action in order to increase the efficiency of traffic processing and website conversion.

Analysis of reports from analytics systems

We analyze the quantitative indicators of the effectiveness of the sales funnel and the movement of clients through the website. We identify problem areas and work out solutions that will help to increase the frequency of reaching the target action.

Analysis of competitors’ websites

We compare the website with the websites of niche leaders in order to find successful solutions, determine your advantage and form a strategy for eliminating competitors by refining the design and usability of the website.

Tests of page loading speed

We evaluate the website pages loading speed by important indicators: FCP, CLS, Total Blocking Time. We identify problems during loading and form recommendations to solve them.

Evaluation of design quality

We analyze the quality and relevance of design. We identify how effectively branding is being used and how the website design works to position the company in the market.

Evaluation of navigation correctness

We test the convenience of website navigation: how intuitive it is to perform a target action and how easy it is to find the right section via the navigation bar.

Analysis of content quality and perception

We analyze the informativity of the texts, the quality of photos and videos presented on the website. We check whether the content answers all the potential questions of the users.

Test of the implementation of the order placement process

We go through the entire sales funnel of the website and identify how easy it is to move through it and which sections or elements of the website may interfere with the user’s ability to reach a purchase.

Test of the website’s technical elements correctness

We test the technical characteristics of the website for all the important parameters for search engines in order to improve efficiency and help the website to reach the top of SERPs.

Forming recommendations and report

We provide a report with the results of website test, detailed recommendations for fixing the identified problems and prototypes of typical pages which will help to significantly increase the conversion rate and to achieve the set KPI’s.


Our team

A team of professionals with fundamental expertise and practical experience in this digital marketing industry works on every project. 

Iurii Nemtcev Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev
Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Karina Nemtseva Co-founder, SMM specialist
Karina Nemtseva
Co-founder, SMM specialist
Tatiana Torskaya SEO specialist, content marketer
Tatiana Torskaya
Content marketer, SEO specialist
Julia Shorova Marketing Manager
Julia Shorova
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Solovev Web designer, Content manager
Mikhail Solovev
Web designer, Content manager

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