Audit of advertising campaign

We will increase the effectiveness of promotion by conducting a comprehensive audit of the website and advertising campaigns by all important parameters. We will make recommendations on how to fix all the problem areas that reduce conversion rates. The implementation of these changes will help you to increase traffic and turn it into real customers.


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Expert analysis of business marketing channels with recommendations on their optimization

Since 2009, the Big Lab team has been helping businesses scale through expert digital promotion. Extensive experience and a number of successfully implemented cases help us to quickly and efficiently find errors in the website’s operation, in advertising campaign’s setup and in the sales funnel.

Based on this, we can make simple and clear recommendations that will allow you to increase conversion from advertising by several times and provide a return on investment in promotion

Iurii Nemtcev
Founder and CEO of Big Lab, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev, CEO of Big Lab

We will find the weaknesses of your advertising campaigns and give a clear action plan to fix them

We analyze the website and statistical counters reports in order to identify the causes of low conversion.

We evaluate the effectiveness of settings and quality of your advertising campaigns. We analyze incoming traffic and find out why users do not reach the target action.

We carry out split tests in order to choose the best option for landing pages that will convert users into customers.

We make clear recommendations on optimization of the website, improving the quality of advertising channels and increasing the conversion rate of the funnel.


Audit of advertising campaign

from 5000 AED
    • Setting up Google
      Analytics stats counters
    • Setting up goals, filters,
    • Creating required
      Google Analytics segments
    • Creating Google Analytics
      users reports
    • Complex web analytics of
      the website
    • Analytics of visitors
    • Traffic sources analysis
    • Split tests and multi-testing
      on the website
    • Selection of the optimal
      presentation of target
      pages and elements
    • Report with

We are trusted by major brands

We will help you to increase profits without increasing the advertising budget

Professional setup of Google Analytics stats counters

We set up goals, filters and e-commerce, we create necessary Google Analytics segments and users reports in order to analyze all the factors that can affect the quality of conversions.

Complex website and user behaviour analytics

We analyze the website’s usability and funnel’s implementation. We track consumer behaviour on the website in order to learn where they are coming from, how they behave on the website, where they stay and what prevents them from completing their targeted actions.

Analysis of incoming traffic and its sources

We evaluate the effectiveness of all traffic channels and identify the reasons for poor performance. We carry out a split analysis of landing pages and identify the best option that will contribute to an increase in conversion rate.

Development of recommendations on website and advertising optimization

We develop a detailed report that lists all the problem areas in the website’s operation and advertising settings that prevent high conversions and do not let to attract traffic. For each problem we give the optimum solution that is easy to implement, so that you could get an increase in sales without additional advertising costs in the short term.


Our team

A team of professionals with fundamental expertise and practical experience in this digital marketing industry works on each project.

Iurii Nemtcev Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev
Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Karina Nemtseva Co-founder, SMM specialist
Karina Nemtseva
Co-founder, SMM specialist
Tatiana Torskaya SEO specialist, content marketer
Tatiana Torskaya
Content marketer, SEO specialist
Julia Shorova Marketing Manager
Julia Shorova
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Solovev Web designer, Content manager
Mikhail Solovev
Web designer, Content manager

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