Website audit

Make the most of your website by successfully attracting and converting traffic into leads and sales. Order a comprehensive study of the website and get rid of technical errors that hinder the development of your brand.


million +

Monthly traffic of promoted websites



Ad campaigns were finished and launched



Of SEO and Internet marketing experience



Representative offices in the UAE, USA, Russia

Comprehensive website audit by all technical parameters

Find the exact causes of problems with your website by taking advantage of a technical audit service by the Big Lab team. 

Our experts will identify all the hidden factors that inhibit the ranking and conversion of the website and give expert advice on how to fix all the problems.

Iurii Nemtcev
Founder and CEO of Big Lab, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev, CEO of Big Lab

Expert help in any situation

Before the first launch

Determine the readiness of the website for ranking and get rid of problems that interfere with indexing and getting into the top of Google.

After a global update, moving to a new CMS

Run a comprehensive website scan and find out how to fix any hidden problems and vulnerabilities.

After website recovery from a backup copy

Check your website for current Google requirements and get recommendations that will improve your rankings.

Before ad launch

Make sure that your website is ready to receive paid traffic and increase the conversion of traffic into leads by removing any deterrents.

If there is a sudden drop in your ranking

Find out if your website has been hit by Google filters and how to restore the original traffic and visibility in SERPs.

Scheduled checkup

Conduct regular analysis to prevent your website from dropping out of SERPs due to technical problems.


Website audit

from 7500 AED
    • Checking server
    • Checking configuration of URLs,
      mirrors, canonical pages,
      language versions, 404
    • Manual search engine index
    • Setting up indexing,
    • Correctness of xml map
    • Website loading speed,
      mobile version
    • Code and layout
    • Implementation of micro
    • Checking text optimization
    • Checking overall
    • Checking for filters and
      violations of search
      engine requirements
    • Checking basic functionality
    • Report

Helping international companies with multi-million traffic to stay in Google top

We work for results — we will do everything to “cure” your website

Pre-launch project evaluation

We carry out an initial closed analysis where we determine whether or not a website audit is really needed. We do not sell the service if there is nothing wrong with your website.

Team formation

We bring in experts in SEO, coding and layout, as well as in web-marketing to conduct a comprehensive website audit.

Checking the website by all technical parameters

We scan the website for bugs, faults and vulnerabilities on an extensive list of parameters.

Monitoring by a personal manager

We assign a manager to every customer. The manager monitors the work progress and is ready to answer all questions in real-time.

Generating detailed reports

We compose convenient reports that clearly break down all the identified problems and recommendations for improving the website.

Implementation of all recommendations

We carry out a comprehensive optimization of the website and perform all the recommendations as an additional service.


Full website audit from the team of SEO experts

since 2009

Expertise in SEO, PPC and Performance marketing

A full checkup by all parameters

The Big Lab team conducts a comprehensive study of all areas of the website, combining manual and automated auditing methods. We are guaranteed to find the root cause of the problem that is interfering with website ranking and conversion.

38 million +

Monthly traffic of promoted websites

Top team of experts

Big Lab employs experts with international experience and exceptional competencies in SEO, marketing, development and coding for audits. This allows us to find all the hidden problems with your website as well as develop effective recommendations.

3 countries

Team of experts from UAE, USA, Russia

Full legal responsibility

Our company is registerd in Dubai and has a valid license. We fix all terms of cooperation in the contract, including terms, budget and audit tasks which fully protects our clients from any risks.

300 +

Successful ad campaigns

Turnkey solutions for all problems

If necessary, the Big Lab team will implement recommendations after the audit and optimize the website for paid traffic and all Google ranking factors as an additional service.

Our team

Iurii Nemtcev Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Iurii Nemtcev
Founder, CEO, SEO expert
Karina Nemtseva Co-founder, SMM specialist
Karina Nemtseva
Co-founder, SMM specialist
Tatiana Torskaya SEO specialist, content marketer
Tatiana Torskaya
Content marketer, SEO specialist
Julia Shorova Marketing Manager
Julia Shorova
Marketing Manager
Mikhail Solovev Web designer, Content manager
Mikhail Solovev
Web designer, Content manager

Big Lab always conducts an internal analysis before providing an audit service — contact us by phone or email to find out if everything is okay with your website.

Our experts will give you a free consultation within a 20-minute session and fill out an audit request if they find critical problems with your website.