Big Lab heads up digital marketing for MASS IF


The Big Lab team is heading up digital marketing for the manufacturer of powder coating equipment MASS IF. We’ve launched a website for the sale of powder coating equipment in the Middle East region and worldwide from scratch and are fully responsible for marketing — from brand advertising campaigns to lead generation.

MASS IF a power coating production line manufacturer, has been operating since 2001 and performs the full range of work on selection, production, delivery and warranty and service maintenance of equipment for large manufacturers and small businesses.

MASS IF is partnering with our agency to tap the Middle East market, with Big Lab set to deliver a comprehensive range of digital marketing work.

Development from scratch of a website for a powder coating production line supplier (design, programming, development, launch).
A full range of content marketing (preparation of landing and sales pages, creation of catalog and service pages).
Launch of Google Ad, Facebook Ad, and Yandex Ad campaigns.
SEO for the website.

Our team is fully responsible for lead generation in the project. Partnering with Big Lab will provide MASS IF with quality leads in a new, promising market.