Iurii Nemtcev has discussed SEO strategy amidst the rise of the UAE real estate market with Metropolitan Premium Properties

The UAE real estate market is at the peak of growth and activity. According to Emirates.Estate data, the third quarter of 2022 was the most successful in the history of the local market, with residential property sales up by 77% year-on-year and prices up by 89% over the past few years. The volume of real estate sales for the 3 quarters of this year amounted to an unthinkable 70 billion dirhams, and since the year is not over yet — this is not the limit. The market has no intention to stop and even slow down because there are simply no prerequisites for that. 

Under these conditions, real estate agencies pay more attention to marketing: the presence of high customer demand requires maximum concentration on advertising activities. 

However, in a financially secure market, advertising strategies can prove to be excessively expensive or ineffective. Iurii Nemtcev, founder and CEO of Big Lab digital agency, has discussed with Yuri Podolsky, marketing director of Metropolitan Premium Properties*, how to find the right balance between real estate advertising costs and its effectiveness, what promotion techniques to use and what the result will be now and in the long run.

Iurii Nemtcev, founder and CEO of Big Lab and Yuri Podolsky, marketing director of Metropolitan Premium Properties
Photo: Iurii Nemtcev, founder and CEO of Big Lab and Yuri Podolsky, marketing director of Metropolitan Premium Properties

“There is a historic boom in the UAE real estate”, — Iurii Nemtcev notes: “And those market players who are able to use this moment in order to “catch the wave” and win leading positions in the market will be able to maintain the current pace of business development in the 3-5 years run”.

The Big Lab agency has developed a set of proposals for Metropolitan Premium Properties on the strategic development of the brand and promotion of its products on the market. The main focus of the strategy is SEO: Big Lab will ensure the effective promotion of individual projects (i.e. residential complexes and communities) and increase consumer demand for properties sold by the agency in over 100 popular areas of Dubai. 

This strategy of working with the search traffic will allow directing the maximum amount of consumer interest to the properties sold by the agency. The partnership between the Big Lab digital agency and Metropolitan Premium Properties is scheduled to begin this year.  

*Metropolitan Premium Properties is a leading full-service real estate agency in Dubai. It is a part of the Metropolitan Group which has been successfully operating in the international real estate market since 2008. In the UAE, Metropolitan Premium Properties is the flagship company and leader among real estate agencies in Dubai. The company is a licensed broker for major developers and has received a number of prestigious awards from leading real estate developers in the UAE, including EMAAR, DAMAC, Dubai Properties, MERAAS and others.