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NFT is at the peak of its popularity. The technology is being currently used actively in games as well. According to the data from Robb Report, the monthly volume of purchases made by users in NFT games has reached $821 million by mid-2021. Many people see NFT games as an investment tool while buying assets and selling them at a higher price after a while.

Users are the main source of NFT game monetization. Just creating and launching a game is not enough. It is important to promote it, in order for it to catch on to the community and find its fans.

What are the benefits of Reddit for promoting NFT games

Reddit is an american social network with forum features where users share and discuss the content they liked. Like any social network, Reddit has communities, i.e. thematic subreddits, some of which have millions of subscribers:

The r/Gaming subreddit has 33.3 million subscribers, a screenshot of the community’s home page

There are several reasons why Reddit is interesting as a promotion platform.

It allows you to publish open links to the project.

Posts are ranked in search engines. Popular publications can appear in the organic search results for thematic queries.

Large audience of the resource. According to Similarweb, Reddit is visited by 1,7 billion users every month while the average visit duration is almost 10 minutes.

Even unregistered users can search and read posts.

How to use Reddit for promoting NFT games

First of all, you need to understand that the popularity of the topic makes it difficult to promote products. Reddit is governed by a clear set of rules. It is an ecosystem where the community itself determines whether a project is viable or not. Every post in a topic thread receives upvotes (upvotes, thumbs up, an alternative to likes) as support and approval of the idea and downvotes (downvotes, thumbs down or dislikes) if the idea is not liked. 

Displays of every post are determined by internal ranking algorithm that takes into account not only quantitative and qualitative indicators but also dynamics. If the algorithm suspects tampering with these indicators, the post will be downranked in the feed or even deleted. Each subreddit is also monitored by moderators. If, according to moderators, the post violates the rules, it will also be deleted. 

A simple algorithm for promoting on Reddit looks like this:

  • choosing themed subreddits;
  • composing an interesting post;
  • publishing and supporting the post in comments. 

There are specific recommendations for NFT games, we will provide them below.

Choosing themed subreddits

There is an impressive variety of subreddits but there are much fewer popular themed ones. 

Your list should consist of both popular threads and less promoted and visited ones. Here is why. 

The more popular the community, the harder it will be to get the publication to the top and to make it stand out among other posts. Every subreddit has a filter in its feed:

Screenshot of subreddit filters on the platform

The most discussed posts are shown to users by default. It is much harder to get into Hot and Top discussed sections of popular communities. 

A post needs comments, upvotes and interaction dynamics in the first hours after being published to make it to the top. User activity during this time carries a lot more weight. 

A post will need much less upvotes and comments to reach the top in less popular communities. 

Not all popular communities allow new users to post. If you do not have personal karma and history on Reddit (publications, comments, upvotes, total account lifespan), you are unlikely to make a post in r/Gaming, for example.

According to the observations of active participants, this subreddit only allows posts from active users of the social neetwork with an account karma of 1000 or more and a comment karma of 100 or more.  

Here is a small list of thematic subreddits for NFT games:

Composing an interesting post

There are a few practical recommendations for promoting the NFT game. They will help you to draw attention to the post and get an approval from the audience. 

  1. GIFs attract more attention than ordinary pictures. GIF should be of a small size (up to 8 MB is optimal) and clear for understanding. A user should immediately get a grasp of the essence of the game.  
  2. Do not use the name of the game in the post title, calls to action and other marketing tricks. Open advertising reduces the audience’s interest in the publication. It is better to showcase your opinion, experience or personal story in the title. 

3. The contents should be interesting and useful to subreddit participants. It is better to delete the post and try again if it starts collecting downvotes actively.

An example of GIF from r/Gaming community

Publishing and supporting the post in comments

Morning is the optimal period for publishing because, that is exactly the time when Reddit’s audience is most active. 

Comments are one of the main quality indicators, it is important to respond to participants in a timely manner and motivate them to discuss. At the same time, the discussion should be natural and constructive, rather than trying to give participants links to the game. 

Reddit has numerous communities with millions of active game-themed participants which makes this social network attractive for promoting gaming products. 

Each of them is subject to the platform’s general rules as well as governed by ots own ones. For effective promotion it is necessary to:

Create and boost your member’s account, including account karms and amount of comments written by you, create themed posts, take part in discussions

Gather a list of thematic communities, it is important to choose not only the most popular subreddits but also medium and small ones, they also have an active audience and it is easier to promote publications there

Analyze every community and identify what makes the most popular posts such; whether it is the pitch, the design or something else

Compose a post and several headlines to it; options are needed in case the publication will not catch on to the community or will be deleted by moderators. Each subreddit needs a unique post and GIF

Monitor comments and motivate participants to discuss

The possibilities of Reddit are not limited to natural promotion, you can promote an NFT game or any other product with the help of the built-in Reddit Ads tool by setting up targeted displays.

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